Eivind Hjertnes

Software Developer

I’m a 30 year old Software Developer located in Stanghelle, right outside Bergen, Norway. I have worked and been in the IT industry since I was 18 years old. Ranging from Public sector to NGO and Private Sectors. Working in both very small and large organisations.

Key skills: - Full Stack Web Development - Operations / Mangaging servers and networks - Some native app development on both iOS and Android.

I have professional experience with Python, Java, C#, Node, React, Knockout, jQuery, PHP, Objective-C, Swift, Docker, Postgres, MSSQL, MySQL, Mongo, Webpack. And probably some I forgot while writing this.

My focus the last three years have been: Python, Node, React, C#, LISP, Docker. And I’m looking a lot at Clojure and ReasonMl in my spare time.

I write clean code, I work fast and I usually don’t use a lot of time to get into new projects.

For a full resume or further contact please send me an e-mail.