Eivind Hjertnes

Software Developer

I’m a 28 year old Software Developer located in Bergen, Norway. I’ve been in the IT industry since I was 18 years old. Ranging from Public sector, Private sector and NGO. My experience range from full stack web development to app development both on iOS and Android. I have experience with PHP, Python / Django, C#/.NET, Java and Javascript on the back-end, combined with databases like Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB and MSSQL and front-end tools like Angular, React & Knockout. I have also written native apps for iOS and Android both using Java, Objective-C / Swift and using web technologies.

These days I spent my work days writing Node and React. And I spent my spare time haning out with my girlfriend, dog; reading, taking pictures, playing guitar and coding Swift.

Should you hire me? I write clean code, with focus on maintainability and speed, and are usually familiar enough with new projects to start working within a few hours, and I love learning new technology.

For a full resume or further contact please send me an e-mail.